We have an experienced team

The Founder scientists have over 70 years of complementary expertise between them in glycobiology, heparin chemistry, sugar analysis and purification, protein/carbohydrate interactions and screening.

IntelliHep is developing a commercial management plan to exploit its proprietary technologies and licensed IP, with the aim of delivering novel drug leads via its own in-house drug discovery programs, and through strategic partnerships.

Prof. Turnbull is Chief Scientific Officer and a Founder of IntelliHep Ltd. He is an internationally-recognised expert in the field of heparan sulfates with over 30 years experience characterising HS structure, biology and protein interactions.

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Dr Edwin Yates is Director of Chemistry and a Founder of IntelliHep Ltd. He is a carbohydrate chemist with 25 years experience in research who currently works at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool.

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Dr Andrew Powell is Director of Biology and a Founder of IntelliHep Ltd. Andy has over 20 years of research expertise in carbohydrate binding proteins, carbohydrate analysis, and carbohydrate-protein interactions.

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The wider team

Management support

Interim management support has been provided by MerseyBIO, Ithaka Life Sciences and 2BIO Ltd.

Scientific Advisory Board

A Scientific Advisory Board is currently being recruited. More details to follow.

Chief Executive Officer

IntelliHep is currently recruiting a CEO.


If you are interested in opportunities to invest in IntelliHep, please contact us.


IntelliHep is seeking collaborative partnerships to exploit our novel technologies and IP to advance the discovery and optimization of heparin-based glycans as novel drug leads in specific disease applications. Initial in-house commercialisation plans include lead compounds for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Overcome the obstacles in heparin-based drug discovery by accessing:

  • Proprietary platform technology for generating diverse libraries of heparin-based glycans
  • Founders complementary expertise in carbohydrate chemistry, interactions and characterisation
  • To access IntelliHep’s novel technologies and IP, and to discuss your potential applications, please contact us.